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Personal Training Online but in Pasadena

Online personal training has not only landed in the digital space, it is now the most popular service our customers use for our help. If you want to start as an online personal trainer as soon as possible, this comprehensive guide will help you decide on everything from software and websites to payments and insurance.

We test every online physiotherapy system, marketing strategy and software to help hundreds of personal trainers build their fitness business online.

We also published once on the first three steps to start an online training business. In this blog post, we’ll show you how we do everything from choosing a niche and software to creating a website and integrating payments.

1. Should I become an online personal trainer?

Here’s the deal. It’s not for me to say what should and shouldn’t be done with your time, but it’s my responsibility as a service provider to help you understand if I think online personal training will work for you.

Before you start creating a website or looking for the best payment gateways, you should make it clear why you want to become an online personal trainer. I say this because most of the PTs that come to us have done so because their face-to-face business has slowed down or not completely and they think online it’s easier because “you can reach more people.”

You can… But there’s a trap.
If you’re not doing so well with a face-to-face PT, the ONLINE PT will surely seem like the easiest output. But that may not be the case.

Here are some reasons why.

Online personal training courses are much harder to educate than face-to-face PTs. Building trust in a person you’ll never know takes a lot of time and energy.
Customer absorption is much slower. If you can get a new client a week in your face-to-face business, it could be one a month as an online coach.
Online training requires no less time and effort. All the time you usually spend on customer face-to-face training will be devoted to marketing, support, retention and programming for the online customer.

personal training online in pasadena

Basically, while the amount of face-to-face time is decreasing, the amount of marketing time in front of the computer screen is increasing. With the above points in mind, I think you should only become an online coach if:
You have at least a year of experience scheduling exercises with face-to-face clients. It’s a requirement. If you can’t train people when they’re in front of you, you don’t have enough experience to train people online. Qualification is not enough.

You have a niche. If you’re only training general customers without a specific goal in mind, what’s keeping them from going to and downloading one of the hundreds of free workouts? A well-defined niche allows you to become an expert and experts earn more.

You have some marketing experience. There is more to manage your expectations. I know too many PTs who believe that once their systems are in place, they will start receiving payment notification emails from PayPal. Unless you have a large fan base or a very generous marketing budget to spend on advertising, your online fitness company will take a long time to gain momentum.

You can create content. It doesn’t matter what kind of content it is; blogs, emails, Facebook posts, tweets, videos or podcasts. You need a way to add value. If you can’t, it’s better to have a big marketing budget.
You have a website. This is more important for the style of the low-end training membership model, which we’ll talk about later in the course, but you need a base of operations to represent yourself.

But wait. What to do if it does not meet the above criteria?

Look, you can start training online the moment you get your PT rating, but you’ll lose a lot of time and money. Instead, I recommend mastering local face-to-face training, which is much easier to market, get some cash flow and experience, and then move forward slowly.

You can do this by getting a job that …

He’s not in the gym, but it takes less time to get the most money out. This way you can develop your business in your free time. There are many hours after 5 pm and before 2 am. Game of Thrones can wait. Otherwise, you should probably reconsider your professional strategy.
He is in the gym providing experience and money. This way, you can train your customers, get the experience you need, collect and build your online presence in your free time.

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